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PURELUX · Insure dependable
Purelux focuses on creating high-quality flooring products. With many years of industry experience and technical expertise, we are committed to providing you with the best choice. With innovative design and exquisite craftsmanship, we continue to lead the trend in the flooring industry.
Who are we - how do we work?
Purelux Canada Floors Inc is a factory-based enterprise. It is a wholesaler of laminate flooring and PVC flooring in Toronto. Since its establishment, it has upheld a love for the flooring industry and the pursuit of high quality, and began our journey in Canada with the aspiration that Canadians can enjoy high-quality flooring and services.

Five years ago, Purelux Canada Floors Inc embarked on a journey with a sincere heart. With a strong belief in the flooring industry, we are committed to providing Canadians with high-quality flooring services. In terms of product quality and service quality, we have won the respect and recognition of the industry with our strict attitude and persistent beliefs.

Putting quality first has always been Purelux's pursuit. It's not just a slogan, but a belief that guides us forward. From product development to production to after-sales service, we always put quality first. We adhere to an honest, professional and responsible attitude to ensure that every piece of Purelux Floor brings customers a green, environmentally friendly, healthy and comfortable home experience. Strict quality requirements have made them stand out from fierce market competition and won praise from customers.

In the future, Purelux will remain true to its original aspiration, insist on inheriting the excellent culture of the flooring industry, maintain a persistent pursuit of quality, and provide high-quality flooring products and services to customers in Canada and around the world.
PURELUX manufacturing, quality assurance
PURELUX manufacturing unifies the product quality standards of each production base, determines standardized product characteristics, standardizes processing technology, and uses the same system of production equipment. It adopts advanced production facilities, improves energy efficiency in the process, continues to invest in future-oriented environmental protection technology, and maximizes energy saving and emission reduction. By adopting these forward-looking measures, we are able to respond quickly to external changes and respond flexibly to market demands. Industrial wastewater is recycled after use and discharged after meeting environmental requirements.

Another winning weapon for the company to stand out among competitors is to always put the customers first, maintain close ties and excellent partnerships with customers and partners at all times.

Our goal is to strive for excellence in flooring research and development, continuously develop new technologies, and provide trend consulting services. Years of hard work have paid off, and “PURELUX manufacturing” has become a recognized quality standard in the industry.
·Our values
"Our values are the foundation of our integrity and future success. They underpin the way we work and act internally and externally. We strive to provide the best value to our customers and the industry as a whole by providing high quality products, advice, and guidance."
"At Purelux, we should innovate and think outside the box. We should consider breaking boundaries and embracing changes. At Purelux, we shape the future of flooring."
"At Purelux, we want our employees, members, and stakeholders to trust that what we give them is accurate, fair, and honest. We should work in an environment of mutual trust."
"At Purelux, we work with colleagues, members, and other stakeholders to ensure we achieve our common goals. Developing and maintaining relationships with those around us is critical to our success and a key factor in providing a superior experience for our internal and external customers."