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We provide superior quality flooring and complete accessory system.
Think what customers want, do what customers need, purelux has been committed to new materials and new technology research,
Purelux floor products and the market has been very mature, a collection of many advantages.
Comes with a bottom pad
Purlux laminate flooring comes with a bottom pad, which can reduce sound transmission. According to experimental data, when installed indoor, this can reduce noise by more than 30%, and noise can be reduced by 50% in the same room. It has excellent impact resistance, relieves surface friction and impact of the floor and heating system, and the excellent resilience of the silent floor mat enhances the foot feel of the floor and comfort during walking.
The foot feels comfortable
We focus on providing users with the ultimate foot comfort experience. Our flooring is designed with the user's foot comfort in mind, and by selecting high-quality materials and unique manufacturing processes, enabling our users to feel extreme comfort while walking. Furthermore, we focus on environmental friendliness and sustainability when selecting materials, and are committed to creating comfortable, stylish and environmentally friendly living spaces for consumers through floor products that are comfortable to the feet, have a flexible texture, and are not lost in their atmosphere.
In the post-pandemic era, people's perception of health and environmental protection began to change. Not only do they pay more attention to physical health nowadays, but they also have begun to actively pursue a green and environmentally friendly lifestyle. The surface of the Purelux floor has special antibacterial properties to effectively protect the health of the family. Our products not only resist common bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Klebsiella pneumoniae, but can also effectively inhibit their growth, thus ensuring the health and safety of families.
This is what distinguishes our products:
GREENGUARD is an abbreviation for indoor air quality certification. Having passed the GREENGUARD certification proves that a product has passed the most authoritative indoor air quality certification test in the world.
Since the main component of Purelux SPC flooring is vinyl resin, it has no affinity with water, enabling it to be used in a humid environment and will not become moldy due to high humidity.
Antimicrobial UV floor mats are used to effectively prevent bacterial growth and are easy to handle. Since the stone powder and resin structure are used, the resin is hot-melted at high temperature instead of glue. Long-term use will not cause problems such as odor or mold and deformation of the floor.
5G lock installation is also commonly known as a two-piece system. Floor installation with this system is quick, simple, firm and stable. When the floor board falls vertically, push the elastic plastic cut into the incision slot and make a “click” sound to lock the floor vertically and horizontally.
This is what distinguishes our products: